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The opening ceremony of a new engine manufacturing plant took place at Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus LLC site with the participation  of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

The engine plant will have production capacity of 50,000 units per year and be specialised in the manufacturing of Mazda Skyactiv-G gasoline four-cylinder engines that meet Euro-5 emissions standards.

The construction of the new plant had started in autumn of 2017 after Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus LLC became a resident of ASEZ “Nadezhdinskaya”. The plant covers an area of 12,600 square metre and includes an engine assembly shop, machining shop, internal logistics and office areas.

Installation of production line equipment was carried out by Russian and Japanese engineers together with the specialists of the equipment manufacturers from Japan.

Assembly line of the engine plant has been constructed based on a modern design and has a high level of automation via several fully robotic stations that eliminate the use of manual labour.

Vadim Shvetsov, the CEO of Sollers PJSC has noted: “Our project is unique because the production of Mazda engines will be the first high-tech project in the Far East fully integrated into the global chain of a large international company value creation. It is a significant breakthrough in terms of recognition of the competency, investment attractiveness and industrial competitivenes of our site in the Far East”.

Masamichi Kogai, Chairman of the Board of Mazda Motor Corporation said: “Today, Mazda is going to take a new step forward to build engines in Russia. We will produce the world highest performance engine, Mazda Skyactiv Engine, here in Vladivostok. This plant will now serve as one of the global component facilities for further development. We will further contribute to the development of manufacturing industry in the Russian Far East”

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