1. Exhibitors detailed fill in the participation contract table "and build official seal, mail or fax to the exhibition office;
2. After application, exhibitors must be in 7 days exhibition fee into the exhibition office designated account;
3. Booth arrangement with "first apply, first pay, and first arrange" as the principle, the exhibition booth shall have the right to a small amount shall be adjusted;
4. Exhibitors representative accommodation and exhibit transportation, exhibition office will notice;
5. Exhibitors instructions: according to the national related department to request, the exhibitors must ensure that exhibits and product packaging, and propaganda materials or the booth to show some, in all aspects of no violation and infringe upon the rights of either party and all intellectual property rights, including trademark, copyright, exterior design, name and patent. If the infringement is exhibition site complaints, by the relevant department confirmed that true, exhibition office shall have the right to make its replace exhibits, to stop the infringing act, if the circumstances are serious shall cancel its participation qualifications. Thus all the consequences by the person responsible for.
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