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Linhai guohai forging CO.,LTD


Our company is located in Linhai City,Zhejiang Provincr,Xikou xiashan Road,covers an area of more than 10,000square.Branch is located in Ningbo City,Zhenhai Street,Cheung Hing Road,18,covrrs an area of more than 9,000square feet,a total of more than 200 employees,is A professional in order to forge industiral sewing machines,automobiles,motorcycles and other compomemts such as series of industrial products business.The company has a rich The forging die manufacturing experience,forging a larger production scale,advanced technology,using a special small-Taper Angle.In order to solve forgings oxidation ofcrushing,then the use of  high-temperature pre-forging,cold fouging the end.So that the performance aesthetics of productin parts,high precision and reliable quality.
      Company in line with the pursuit of continuous innovation and endless work attitude,with a good reputation and perfect service,dedicated service community.
      General manager and staff are welcome to hot pillow letter calls business negotiations.

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